Review: „Zu Gast in MAROKKO. Verführerische Rezepte einer kulinarischen Reise.“ von Rob&Sophia Palmer, Callwey Verlag 2015

>“Zu Gast in Marokko: Verführerische Rezepte einer kulinarischen Reise” von Rob&Sophia Palmer, Callwey Verlag 2015Bucheinband

***** This woderful book about the colours and food of Morocco is a pleasure to read. With beautiful stunning photos and many little stories about their experiences the authors take us on a journey into the unknown Morocco and thus we may discover with them, experience new tastes, learn about the history and the people and enjoy the delicious food. An absolute must for anyone who is interested in Morocco and its very varied cuisine.

This book is also published in Autralia: “Colours of Maroc” by Rob and Sophia Palmer, published by Murdoch Books 2013.

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