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Turkish Spiced Schnitzel

Peter started an event called “Schnitzel Chase” and he is looking for Schnitzel recipes from all over the world. At first I thought, how can I participate. But then my brother called and asked for “Schnitzel with potato wedges and tomato … Continue reading

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Wholemeal Bread with Baking Ferment

Zorra announced a new  Bread Baking Day. For technical reasons I couldn’t post this bread for her  “World Bread Baking Day” thus I want to catch up and post it this time.   For more than 20 years I have … Continue reading

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Cake with Plums – Erikli Kek

About two decades ago, my husband-to-be introduced me to his mother and her cake with plums. She kneads a yeast dough and arranges the plums on top. Delicious! You won’t believe it, but it was my first cake with plums. For … Continue reading

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Noodle Salad with Vegetables and Eggs – Yumurlatı ve Sebzeli Makarna Salatası

Noodle salad is one of the favourite salads in Germany! Normally it is with mayonnaise or with sausages and eggs. I like noodle salad in summer but a little different than these varieties So here is my German-Turkish cooperation noodle … Continue reading

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Sweet Semolina Bake

At my first visit in the canteen at the university on a Friday a surprise was already waiting for me. I had to choose for lunch between fish or a sweet as a main dish! Until then sweets were pudding … Continue reading

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“Souls” -Swabian Baguettes

I was queuing at the bakery when a lady in front of me ordered “Three Souls, please!” What? Had I heard right, she really ordered “Three Souls”??? Whose souls or for whom or ??? Can one buy “Souls” in a … Continue reading

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Biscuits with Sweet Crumble

The people in Franconia call these pastry “Streuselbletz”, the bakers call them “Streuseltaler”. In fact these pastry is an easy, sweet and over sized biscuit ideal for tea time in the afternoon. It is full of energy loaded sugar 😉 Before … Continue reading

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Swabian Roastbeef Steaks with Swabian Gnocchi

We had a lot of visitors recently. Needles to say that we also wanted to present a specialty from our new home town. So we started testing recipes from our Swabian cookery books. The onion roast with „Schupfnudeln“ (Swabian gnocchi) … Continue reading

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