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Pastry with Tahini — Tahınlı Çörek

Happy Birthday dear Bushcook! We wish you all the best for the future and hope to read more culinary reports on your food blog. I made some Turkish pastry for your birthday event “Souvenirs in der Kueche” Everytime when I … Continue reading

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Lemon Tarte – Limonlu Tart

A few weeks ago my friend Claudia surprised me with Meyer lemons. I had read a lot about this wonderful fruits but I couldn’t get them at our small farmers market. You can imagine how happy I was to finally … Continue reading

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Turkish Pita Bread — Ev Pidesi

Today is “World Bread Day 2014” initiated by Zorra My favourite bread is of course the Turkish pita bread. Preferably home made fresh and warm from the oven. I don’t need anything else, maybe a bit butter and hot tea. … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Cheesecake with Crumble

I got some rhubarb at the farmers market and was searching the internet for new recipes and there I found this lovely cake repice on the blog of Petra  (Chili und Ciabatta). When I saw it, the decision was made, this … Continue reading

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Despina’s Greek Easter Preparations

This year the Orthodox and all other Christians celebrate Easter at the same time. My neighbour is so happy about this. Last year their Easter was weeks later, and she missed the special Easter feeling. And this year she could … Continue reading

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Turkish Butter Cookies — Un kurabiyesi

Tea time – Çay vakti. Sometimes you shouldn’t go back to places of your childhood. It is better to keep the memories alive without going back. I took my husband to my birth town and showed him my old school … Continue reading

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Low Carb Bread

The new BreadbakingDay  is hosted by ninive and lasts until end of January 2014. The motto is: More proteins into your bread! The idea is to prepare a bread made ​​with yeast dough or on sourdough base or alike. The bread should … Continue reading

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Wholemeal Bread with Baking Ferment

Zorra announced a new  Bread Baking Day. For technical reasons I couldn’t post this bread for her  “World Bread Baking Day” thus I want to catch up and post it this time.   For more than 20 years I have … Continue reading

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“Desperate cookies” — Perişan Kurabiye

After so many weeks I am very happy to sit in front of my loved computer again Checking on the internet I found Tinas new blog-event “cookies from all over the world” (lunchforone ). What a lovely idea at this … Continue reading

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Cake with Plums – Erikli Kek

About two decades ago, my husband-to-be introduced me to his mother and her cake with plums. She kneads a yeast dough and arranges the plums on top. Delicious! You won’t believe it, but it was my first cake with plums. For … Continue reading

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