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Lemon Tarte – Limonlu Tart

A few weeks ago my friend Claudia surprised me with Meyer lemons. I had read a lot about this wonderful fruits but I couldn’t get them at our small farmers market. You can imagine how happy I was to finally … Continue reading

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Turkish Apricots with Creme-Filling – Kayısı dolması

The winter is slowly knocking at our doors, it is so misty and gray outside. Therefore I need something sweet to cheer me up. At the sight of this golden-orange apricots filled with heavenly sweet creme, the sun rises at … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Cheesecake with Crumble

I got some rhubarb at the farmers market and was searching the internet for new recipes and there I found this lovely cake repice on the blog of Petra  (Chili und Ciabatta). When I saw it, the decision was made, this … Continue reading

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Despina’s Greek Easter Preparations

This year the Orthodox and all other Christians celebrate Easter at the same time. My neighbour is so happy about this. Last year their Easter was weeks later, and she missed the special Easter feeling. And this year she could … Continue reading

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Spanish Custard – Crema Catalana

The vegetarian culinary trip of Tomateninsel ist travelling through Spain this month. Reason enough to make one of the gorgeous milk desserts, like the “Crema Catalana”. I have been told that traditionally this dessert was served on 19th March in … Continue reading

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Mango Yoghurt – Mango Malai

Happy Birthday to “mangoseele“. It’s her first blog birthday and she wishes recipes with mango. Now I have to hurry up a bit, to send her my recipe gift on time. I love this dessert with mango and yoghurt. It’s … Continue reading

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Syrup with wild cherries – Vişne şurubu

I visited my cousin and she was cooking this mixture and I took a photo for you. Guess what it is My grandmother was cooking this spectacular mix too It‘s wild cherry syrup. My cousin first cooked just the cherries … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Icecream with Strawberry Sauce

Summer!!! The best recipe for the season. Ice cream The vanilla ice cream is from the supermarket, I pressed a good portion of ice cream through a potato press to get beautiful ice cream spaghetti and topped my cool spaghetti … Continue reading

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The Weeping Cake – Ağlayan Kek

“Screaming aubergines and weeping cakes” – these names are only possible in Turkey! A few weeks ago I baked this cake for my birthday, another year older and there is no cure in sight, just getting older each minute. I … Continue reading

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Sweet Semolina Bake

At my first visit in the canteen at the university on a Friday a surprise was already waiting for me. I had to choose for lunch between fish or a sweet as a main dish! Until then sweets were pudding … Continue reading

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