Turkish Crips – Susamlı Gevrek Yufka

Yufka5Bread Baking Day #65 - Nibble, nible, crunch! (last day of submission March 1, 2014)



Another “BreadBakingDay” forced me into the kitchen today. This time the task was to create crispy crunchy breads. A little ago I posted lovely Norwegian crisps, this time I want to present you my most loved Turkish crisps. My grandmother used to bake loads of “yufka crisps” for Winter.











She didn’t sprinkle them with sesame and caraway seeds, thats more me. Nowadays you can buy fresh and soft “yufka” in Turkish groceries, but the crispy ones, you can only find in Anatolian villages. My grandmother used to bake them over open fire on an iron pan, but I baked them today in an ordinary oven :) Thus you can bake them at home too. Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!
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Gratin with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

This year started with a culinary journey by “tomateninsel“.

Vegetarische Weltreise - Frankreich
February the journey led us to France. Enough reason for me to bake a delicious tomato gratin with red onions and goat cheese.


This gratin is very simple. I peel the tomatoes and red onions and slice them thinly and place them alternately like roof tiles into the baking dish. Then I add “Herbes de Provence” , garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and place the casserole dish into the oven and bake the gratin for almost an hour. This time, I had nearly forgotten it :) I arrange the goat cheese on top of the tomatoes just before the end of baking time. The cheese remains nice and warm and creamy. Simply delicious with bread. Bon appetit! Afiyet olsun !

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Turkish Salad with Broad Beans – Piyaz

At the moment a few blog events run in parallel on the subject of “Pulses”. Therefore, this article today is for two different and similar events :) firstly, for “gaertnerblogGarten-Koch-Event Februar 2014: Bohnen [28.02.2014] and secondly for “Grains&PulsesBlogevent-Grains-Pulses





Today the sun is shining and I would like to have a nice fresh salad with bread for lunch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe classic recipe for this salad is with white beans. I love the freshness of the herbs and lemon paired with the crunchy and savory beans. This time I took broad beans. Wonderfully fresh and delicious. In Turkey we serve this salat with meat balls or kebab. Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!

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Cook for 2 for less than 5€

Blogevent Satte ZWEI für weniger als 5

Peter G. Spandl from “aus meinem Kochtopf” started an Event: “Cook for 2 for less than 5€“. A major challenge for everyone.

This number combination makes us to realize how much we actually spend on our food and makes us aware that many people can’t do exactly that.

On closer inspection, I noticed how difficult it is to shop for below 5€. Especially when you have to consider all the ingredients proportionally, including salt, spices and oil. The list of ingredients had to be very short.

Normally, I would make Turkish pastries in the pan with vegetables or cheese filling (Gözleme). But I’ve already posted Turkish pastries on my website and Peter wants new recipes.

So I picked up my list of ideas and went to the nearest supermarket. I quickly found the ingredients for two ideas. I chose a nice broccoli soup with milk and sour cream and bought bread to serve with.


The bill: 0,69 € for broccoli, 3 potatoes for 0.75 €, 750 ml of milk for € 0.69, 2 tablespoons sour cream for € 0.49, € 0.99 for bread. This makes € 3.61, I had € 1.39 left for salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. I seem to be unable to cook for only two people :) the recipe makes a large pot of soup, so the soup for 5€ may even be enough for 3-4 people. You can also use cauliflower or romanesco instead of broccoli. This is an easy, creamy and delicious soup for lunch or supper. Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!

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Chickpeas with Spinach – Ispanaklı Nohut

Today a new dish for our Winter blog event: “Grains&Pulses“.Blogevent-Grains-Pulses

This is an easy dish, as long as you have a large can of chickpeas in your store cupboard. You only need to dice onions, spinach and tomatoes. There you go and create a new delicious dish. While the chickpeas were cooking I prepared plain rice. Just delicious! Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!

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Mango Yoghurt – Mango Malai

Happy Birthday to “mangoseele“. It’s her first blog birthday and she wishes recipes with mango. Now I have to hurry up a bit, to send her my recipe gift on time. I love this dessert with mango and yoghurt. It’s easy and delicious. Enjoy it!

The recipe is quite simple: put equal measures of mango flesh and creamy yogurt into a food processor and mix until fine. Season with sugar and lemon juice to taste. Transfer mango-yogurt-puree into serving cups and keep in the fridge for at least an hour. Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun! Have a wonderful time :)

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Review: “Meine vier Jahreszeiten. Neue Rezepte und Menüs von der Spitzenköchin für jede Saison” by Lea Linster, Diana Verlag 2013

Le-Linster-4-Jahreszeiten1Lea Linster „Meine vier Jahreszeiten. Neue Rezepte und Menüs der Spitzenköchin für jede Saison.“ published by Diana Verlag 2013

This is a wonderful book for seasonal cooking from the famous Starcook Lea Linster from Luxembourg.

My decision is made: easy and clear: *****Five Stars: Easy and enjoyable delicious seasonal cuisine with a touch of Luxembourg ease. If you like to cook seasonal products from the region, you will be delighted by this book. The book is full of simple recipes with the “wow effect”.

Unfortunately it is only available in German :( Sorry!

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Cobb Salad

Bella of “bellakocht” is hosting the Blog-Event “Roadtrip durch die USA“.

Blog-Event XVC - Kulinarischer Roadtrip durch die USA (Einsendeschluss 15. Februar 2014)

I have never been to the US. My knowledge of USA is based on films, documentaries, books and photos. When I read about this blog event, I thought about the film “Julie&Julia” with Meryl Streep as Julia Child. I am sure you know the film :) At one scene Julie meets her friends in a restaurant and all of them order “Cobb Salad”, with bacon and without, with chicken and without, with eggs and without …. I love that scene. After the film I had to check my American cookery books and really found a recipe. We love this salad, it is wonderful for lunch. My version today is with and without all and vegetarian. Please feel free to add anything you prefer such as bacon or chicken :) Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!

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Review: “Love Italian Food” by Maddalena Caruso

Amore1„Love Italian Food” by Maddalena Caruso with photos by Stefano Scata, published 2012 by Jacqui Small LLP London, in Germany published 2013 by Callwey Verlag

„Love Italian Food” by Maddalena Caruso gets *****Five Stars. It is a wonderful cookbook to indulge guests with fabulous Italian food.

The author is a passionate cook who lives on her estate in Asolo Treviso northwest of Venice. Stefano Scata is one of the top Italian photographers and works for magazines, restaurants and takes photos for books.

Already the cover photo promises a trip to the south. Then I turned the page and found myself in the middle of the kitchen of the author. Every detail is composed so beautifully. Maddalena Caruso is surrounded by dishes in beautiful colors and shapes. I was imagining how the photographer Stefano Scata arranged every detail until the composition “in the middle of the kitchen at work” was ready to take a photo. So each photo is a beautiful composition of colors, shapes and different ingredients.

The book contains 239 photos and 121 recipes that are divided into four main chapters by season (Spring, Summer , Autumn and Winter). In the appendix the recipes are listed by season in four large blocks. The recipes are written in classic blocks – left the ingredients and to the right the preparation steps – and they are good to follow.

The chapters are preceded by beautiful and atmospheric double-sided brilliant photos. You can tell how the photographer worked with such great attention to detail. Each photo describes the season in the garden and the mood: happy, cheerful, festive, lively, playful, cheerful, sunny , fresh, …. just beautiful!

Each chapter is introduced by the author with a short text. She talks about her life, her garden and their come-togethers. The sub-chapters she devotes specific topics such as seasonal cuisine, special seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, figs, pomegranate, vine.

Maddalena Caruso writes already in the preface that she prefers natural ingredients of high quality. She tells us how her day begins: “Early in the morning I go out and harvest the fresh vegetables. A few herbs, some salt and extra virgin olive oil, the easier the better.” The cookbook includes simple and delicious salads and vegetable dishes of the season. For example, she prepares the asparagus only with olive oil, salt and pepper in the oven, or presents cold soups of the season like tomato soup, pepper soup or melon soup. Her Winter soups with cabbage are colorful, easy to prepare and delicious.

The focus is on hospitality, well-being and enjoying together. For this only the best ingredients are good enough. Find time for each other and spend time and enjoy together. To celebrate this luxury due, sometimes special ingredients are needed.

The author is very experimental and combines bravely. Salmon with cougette, pistachio and rose essence, fish carpaccio with shrimp and passion fruit vinaigrette, pistachios and radicchio tart with caramel coating, spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, anchovies and walnuts, risotto with truffles, meat stew with spicy-sweet fruit mustard sauce, jam with persimmons and tonka beans …

This gourmet cookbook is not a normal Italian cookbook. It introduces the special and exceptional Italian cuisine with a few luxury ingredients. Of course, Maddalena Caruso is also cooking pasta, but with broad beans, pecorino cheese and guanciale (Italian bacon), or with asparagus, almonds and mint, or with pistachio puree and scampi, or with anchovies and walnuts, or ravioli with fish filling or lasagne with wild hare sauce.

This sounds at first maybe a little extravagant. Perhaps the ingredient list also discourages readers. Therefore I checked the book once more from the standpoint of “how many recipes I would have to postpone to get the right ingredients”. Therefore I sorted out recipes with fresh Mediterranean fish, particularly Mediterranean vegetables ( tender artichokes) and fruits (such as figs and persimmons) or certain types of alcohol (Marsala Cremevo, Armagnac, Cognac). Even recipes with fresh fillet of venison, quail, truffle and crab did I take out. The result was amazingly positive! From 121 recipes I had to get “special ingredient” for up to 25 recipes. All other ingredients you can get at the weekly farmers’ markets or well-stocked supermarkets without problems. Lets keep in mind: This cookbook offers more than 90 recipes for “normal” everyday use dishes and about 25-30 recipes for the special and festive occasions.

The cookbook is written for readers and cooks who love to use natural and fresh products and also like to spend the little extra to treat their family and their guests. It is a gourmet cookbook with measured luxury. For this target group this cookbook meets all requirements: Easy to prepare, special ingredients and delicious compositions.

Therefore, the declaration of love from the passionate cook and author Maddalena Caruso gets full marks from me : five stars. “Love Italian Food” is a beautiful cookbook for pampering your guests. Each recipe a delight, a harmonious and delicious composition of ingredients, pampering taste buds, heart and soul. The message is: Natural beauty of the ingredients to celebrate and enjoy together.

I have compiled a list of the recipes that I had to try.

Amore2I started with the pumpkin gnocchi. The composition of pumpkin gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and Italian salami and thyme was delicious. The guests looked happy and expressed great interest in a repetition. The porcini mushrooms can be replaced by other good fresh mushrooms.


Amore3Since I had broccoli, I had to try the green soup. The list of ingredients is clear: broccoli, a few potatoes, milk, sour cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Everyone wanted to have a second helping. Simple and delicious.


Amore4Then I got three different radicchio varieties, so I could try out the radicchio salad with cider. To accompany this I also made the cream cheese balls with pomegranate seeds. Simply delicious .



Amore5The sweet potato soup with parmesan pomegranate hip is simply delicious, the sweetness of the potatoes with a spicy Parmesan and fruity pomegranate seeds is a dream. Only my soup is orange from sweet potatoes and not as bright as in the photo in the cookbook .


Amore6As a Sunday tea time cake it had to be the apricot cake with canned apricots. However, I must confess that I replaced yeast by baking powder, because to me a packet of yeast for 200g flour seemed a bit strange (maybe a translation error ). Therefore, I replaced yeast by baking powder. The result was simply sweet, soft and fruity delicious.

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Colourful Bulgur Dish– Renkli bulgur pilavı

Is it Spring already? Did we skip Winter this year? Never mind, Spring colours moved into my kitchen.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
All you need for this dish is a colourful selection of peppers, some fresh herbs and bulgur. I serve some Turkish yogurt on an extra plate with this dish :) Delicious! Enjoy it! Afiyet olsun!

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